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Aqua Adrenaline Tour

Well we are hooked, Powerboat Racing, Jetski Racing and Water Ski Racing is exciting and unpredictable, did i mention the competitors are mad? Skills are amazing.

This weekend we went to the Royal Albert Docks in Liverpool to see this amazing series take place and what an event.

Conditions were awful with driving rain and rough water but my god the skill of the competitors was great to see with good racing and a little airborne action.

Commentary was live and each race was approx 20mins lasting 3-4hrs before the tide went out.

Great location and everybody got wet but didn't care on bit, it was great fun for all ages.

If you would like to see this yourself please visit the website to see whats next.

We will be joining the guys out on the water in Caernarfon to get a closer look 18th-20th August, taking photos and of course vlogging the weekend.

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