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Wales to Ireland for Dinner

Wales to Ireland for Dinner

16th July 2022

Well what a weekend, with the stunning heatwave we are having in the UK at the moment, we decided a trip to Ireland was being called for, so we filled out the Customs Forms, Grabbed our Passports and off we went. Starting from Pwllheli North Wales at 16:15 BST joining us was boat V1 and crew from Waterwise Marine Training, We contacted Holy Head Coast Guard with our intensions and headed toward Bardsey Sound before the 50Miles of open sea over to Arklow Ireland. The passage was calm and smooth, travelling between 35-40mph we completed the journey within 2hrs. We moored up in the Harbour and had dinner in Eddie Rockets just up from the boat, before enjoying half a Guinness at the Sailing Club. Leaving back to wales approx 21:30 BST. The sun was setting th water was calm it was majestic. A we reached mainland wales it was complete darkness only lighthouses and house lights could be seen. All persons on boards were used to keep a look out for anything such as lobster pots to debris floating in the water. Nearing the harbour of Pwllheli we contacted The coastguard to inform them were are home safely. The Video will be on Youtube next week so please do keep an eye out fro that.

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