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The Story

Life is always a question, Life is the survival of the fittest, or is it?


Life is about having fun and doing it with your mates as much as possible, whatever that may be.



Water sports, hiking, travel and exploring something new. Pushing ourselves to the next goal, sometimes not even knowing what that goal is, just knowing we are learning and something cool is happening in the moment.

Do I have a plan? Hell No! 

I just want to enjoy what me and my mates do and inspire you to do something out of the ordinary at least once. doesn't have to be massive, doesn't have to be public, just do that one thing you have always thought about trying.


So lets get out there and have fun, take a photo and send it to us via social media @gregmarthabutler

You will unlock endless possibilities, and feel better for doing it, your mental health will improve, fitness and your general overall well being.

Be Inspired - Do all you Can - Have Fun and make Memories.


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